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about us

About us
" Shams Group Company is one of the largest and best-equipped processing, filling and packing plants in the Middle East, with exceptional dry and cold storage and other facilities."

We’re a bunch of enthusiastic people passionate about devising customer centric solutions for the food and beverage industry. We’ve evolved as a renowned producer, marketer and exporter of fruit and vegetable based food ingredients including fruit pulp, puree, and concentrates.

Quality and Deliverance have always been our credo. We have a robust logistics and supply chain mechanism that ensures the premium quality of our bulk production. Our farms and processing centers are located in close proximity to major air and sea ports, to optimize processing time, cost and environmental impacts. To match international food safety standards, we adhere to renowned food quality and safety accreditations.

Our Sevices

What We Do

Fresh Fruits

Fresh Fruits

Oranges, Navel (table), Valencia (table and juicing), & Balaady (juicing).

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Pulp & Concentrates

Tomato Paste

Tomato Paste

Tomato paste is made from our in-house produced tomato.

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Tomato Concentrate

Our Mission

To maintain our position as a market leader in middle east.


To ensure that our raw material - the fruit – is pesticide-free and rigorously sorted, washed and hygienically handled.

Quality Control

Implementing our own HACCP plan to ensure the control of quality at every stage of the process.

Skills Development

Developing skills and competencies of our managers and staff through in-house and external training in line with good management practice.

Keep Green

Minimizing the environmental impact of our business by our use of (for example) computerized drip irrigation for optimal use of water resources and the collection of waste from all phases of production and its recycling as organic fertilizer.
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Over 29 Years in Business.


Launched by Zakaria Shams in 1994 with the purchase of a citrus farm of 400 acres in Wadi al Molak; the activity at this stage was limited to agriculture.


Expanded: by 2000 the Group was managing and leasing over 2000 acres of citrus orchards, becoming one of Egypt’s biggest fresh orange producers.


Bought another farm of 400 Acres within the same area (Wadi Al Molak) to extend its agricultural activities and diversify through the cultivation of more varieties of fruits, such as mangoes and grapes.


Set up a project to recycle agricultural and animal waste to produce organic fertilizer (compost) to serve our own farms, to reduce waste and to be environmentally friendly.


Constructed a highly mechanized and modern food and beverage processing factory, with the capability to produce tomato paste and many different fruit concentrates. The only firm in Egypt producing pomegranate concentrate and pioneering NFC (not from concentrate) products.


Startup of concentrate factory.


Startup of filling factory.