• EL Nozha, EGYPT
  • 8 Ghaleb Hammouda Al Otaibi

Storage Utilities

Storage & Utilities

Al Shams Agro Group has a total cold storage capacity of 12000 tons using a first-in-first-out racking system and fitted with 12 aseptic tanks with a capacity of 250 tons each.

We also have a dry storage space of more than 6000 tons for our raw materials and spare parts as well as more than 10000 square meters warehouse storage space for dry final products.


Using the fully-integrated management tool for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) by Microsoft Axapta, Al-Shams Agro Group’s management can obtain an integrated real-time view of its core business processes such as production, order processing and inventory management. Al Shams Agro Group consider the (ERP) system a vital organizational tool because it integrates organizational systems and enables flow transactions and production.

Al Shams Agro Group also uses a traceability system that can verify the history, location or application of any of the products by means of documented, recorded identification.


Our entire premises are covered by a fire fighting sprinkler system and an addressable fire alarm system that can display the exact location of a fire, allowing any such hazard to be located and tackled quickly.

The whole industrial complex is also monitored by a CCTV system with more than 60 cameras for security purposes; the system also enables us to identify opportunities for greater production efficiency.

Residential Accommodation

We have a guest house for the use of our employees and visitors with a variety of accommodation including single rooms, double rooms and studio flats with 2 bed rooms. All the guest house rooms are fully furnished, with individual bathrooms, kitchenettes and air conditioning.