• EL Nozha, EGYPT
  • 8 Ghaleb Hammouda Al Otaibi

Fruit Packaging

Fruit Packing

Al Shams Agro Group packing house occupies an area of 10,000 square meters. It has a capacity of 25 tons per hour, producing 30,000 - 40,000 tons of citrus per season.

The production line takes the fruit through several stages of production such as sorting, washing, waxing and packing. The quality and safety of products is assured by a group of skilled employees who are highly trained in the use of various types of packing, such as telescopic cartons, open-top cartons, bins and net-packing in compliance with high international standards.

The packing house management implements several programs to monitor the quality of products. We also have a traceability system to track the farm source of the fruit and previous farming operations.